Security Risk & Consulting

Core-Infosec’s services advise our clients how to address information security, risk, and compliance needs to identify vulnerabilities and assess technology and business risk to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27002 and more.

Our approach helps firms achieve these mandates in an efficient manner, minimizing their risks of a cybersecurity breach.

Core-Infosec helps firms make informed decisions on how to allocate resources to manage information security risks and compliance. Doing this against client business requirements and objectives ensures a customized and workable solution.

Benefits of our Governance and Oversight Services include:

Your fears are understandable, all of the statistics indicate that the majority of organizations will suffer a cyber-attack over a 12 month period. During the year 2018 a total of 1,244 breaches were reported with one happening every 7-hours 3-minutes.  You can make yourself more resilient to these attacks by taking the right preparation steps.

Benefit 1

Provides the board with greater visibility on cyber risk.

Benefit 2

Provides framework and guidance for ongoing improvement.

Benefit 4

Reducing the number of risks a business faces.

Benefit 5

Reducing the costs arising from these risks.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity threats are inevitable and unpredictable. Enterprises must have a cybersecurity strategy to deal with risks to prevent future breaches and mitigate their impact. Nettitude assists firms in developing a customised cyber strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology with enterprise business priorities and risks.

Designing a cybersecurity strategy is a complex task for most firms as it must address a dynamic environment. Nettitude consultants work to create a cybersecurity strategy to create operational efficiencies, maximum return on technology investments, and more excellent data protection.

Core-Infosec can develop a cybersecurity strategy that:

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