Free Cybersecurity Training for Veterans

Veterans are perfect candidates for working in Cybersecurity, the skills and training received in the military prepares them for real-world situations that have real-world effects. Veterans are wired in “Attention to Detail”, while there are many other skills veterans gain “Attention to Detail” is a key element in choosing a career in cybersecurity.  However, training is not easy or cheap luckily enough several companies & organizations have teamed up to offer free training to veterans or service members exciting service.
For anyone wanting to get into cybersecurity it can be a struggle knowing where to start and what degree/ certification to get, is only the beginning. There are many types of roles in cybersecurity and each can have their own little flavor. Figuring out the pathway you want to choose is half the battle, getting the proper training is the other half.  When choosing where to get your training, think about the best way you learn and what type of time you have on your hands as some training can take weeks to months while others are self-paced and are solely when time is available to you. So deciding on where to start is also challenging also, do you want a degree in cybersecurity? or Do you want just IT certifications in cybersecurity? These questions are answered in another article “Degree or Certification or Both? The never-ending question
A few of the companies & organizations that are offering free cybersecurity training to veterans are listed below knowing which one to decide is ultimately up to you.

  1. Sans Organization(Newly Separated Military members – must apply)
  2. Syracuse University(VCTP Training program)
  3. Onward 2Opertunity – (Backed by Syracuse University & JPMC)
  4. Cybrary– (Not Veteran specific but Free training)
  5. FED VTE – (Online Cybersecurity training – must verify with “TroopID” or still be active duty”
  6. Hire our Heros– (Career Roadmap training available – Routes to FED-VTE)

While there are many other organizations that provide training these are just a few of the very best that offer great training. If you’re looking for a college degree please review my other article that strictly talks about cybersecurity and which college or university to choose.



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