Cyber security products and services

Security Risk & Consulting

Guidance on how businesses must address information security and how to best allocate resources to deal with security risks, compliance and existing breaches.

Penetration Testing

Our qualified team of pen testers will simulate real-word attacks on your network infrastructure to identify existing and potential gaps that hackers can exploit.

Compliance Management

Through strong documentation and improved staff awareness, Core-Infosec will help ensure your organization can meet its many strict compliance requirements.

Incident Response

How you manage your immediate response in the event of a cyber breach, is imperative. Our team of dedicated security consultants are instantly available to deal with a compromise.

Managed Security Services

Highly advanced managed security services that take an approach based on defense, incident detection and response. Broken down into SOC Maturity, SOC Scanning and SOC Manage.


With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team of security consultants are able to deliver bespoke training courses suited to any requirements an organization has.