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Get ahead of attackers with our pen testing services, giving you a real-world view of your vulnerabilities with strategies to strengthen your security.

We think peace of mind and safety from attackers is priceless, which is why we have a passion for discovering and exposing threats to your security. We make it our business to know the ins and outs of your strengths, and your vulnerabilities, all so that we can help you be ready for whatever the future brings. Our penetration testing services give you an honest, real world view of where and how attackers can exploit weaknesses in your infrastructure, networks, people and processes. We want you to feel good about your security, so that you can have peace of mind to get on with the business of running your business.

Our Security Experts

We think people first and for us, that means we understand getting the right people for every job is paramount. A good pen tester is a good hacker, but we don’t work with criminals. We hire professionals that have spent years in the shoes of the bad guys; they know what makes them tick, so they are uniquely placed to get under the skin of your security measures and find the points vulnerable to attackers. Every security expert we work with is thoroughly vetted, tested and certified. We don’t just prioritize skills; every tester has a tenacious curiosity and passion in finding and exposing vulnerabilities in order to protect and secure your business.

Not only that, our penetration testers are leaders in their field, contributing to industry research conferences and driving innovation to help others defend against attackers. We consult and work with regulatory bodies and work closely with governments internationally to enact progress in security markets around the world. Our team are active members in the cybersecurity community, recognized by the media as industry consultants and published authors.

What to fix, how to fix it and when to fix it

Our pen testing ethos takes into account the difficulty of implementing change across your organisation. We want to make it easy for you to fix vulnerabilities with actionable insights. All of our tests come with a high-level management report and an in-depth technical review for each engagement as standard. We don’t stop there, we also highlight preventative countermeasures and advice on remediation. A long list of problems is never a solution – so we always make sure we prioritize fixes that will make the most impact and provide you with the context that you need, in a way that’s actually helpful. Assurance is everything, that’s why we provide post-test support with our Security Support Desk to empower you to fix any findings with a timescale that works for you. A test isn’t just a test at Core-Infosec, we provide:

• A high-level management report
• An in-depth technical review document
• Actionable insights prioritized by impact
• Support to fix what needs to fixed in a timescale that works for you

Good security is at the heart of what we do

We live and breathe good security and are always striving to further the industry. This is why we are proud of our research and innovation centers that keep us at the forefront of pen testing techniques and attack vectors. We regularly consult with key bodies in the industry and our involvement means we stay abreast of the evolving legislative and regulatory cybersecurity landscape.

Our passion is in helping you with the tools you need to get on with the day to day of running your business. We do this by investing in people and fostering a culture of knowledge and curiosity. As a Lloyds Register company, all of our profits are fed into the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a global charity that helps make the world a safer place.

Our pentest services

Network Penetration Testing Services

In a network penetration test, your network infrastructure is security tested using a variety of techniques from a number of vantage points, both external and internal. We test a wide range of connected network devices including servers, laptops, storage drives, printers, network appliances, and even your web applications. We look at how those components operate and communicate, who has access to them, and more. From this, we will be able to determine the security posture of those assets, as well as your network as a whole. We will determine where the most important vulnerabilities exist, which ones are most likely to be exploited by threat actors, and what actions should be taken to remediate these risks.

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

As technology progresses, cloud operations are becoming more and more popular. Even though this is a convenient solution, the ever increasing reliance upon cloud systems means the risks and implications can be far greater. Cloud penetration testing assesses the security of your cloud services in all environments – whether it’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Web apps handle volumes of sensitive data, so it’s important to make sure they don’t become a risk to a business. There are several stages to web app testing, including reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation and post exploitation, all of which are important in identifying whether there are any risks to your applications and their data, as well as surrounding network infrastructure. Core-Infosec’s web application testers have the highest qualifications in the industry. This means when it comes to the reporting stage of your web app test they can give relevant, qualified advice that will help your organisation to become safer.

Social Engineering Services

Rather than only looking at technology, social engineering tests with people in mind. Engaging your people with phishing emails, malicious phone calls, phishing style text messages, or even tempting them with malicious physical media, all could provide a backdoor into your corporate environment for an attacker to exploit from the outside. Social Engineering tests are designed to help assist organisations increase their security posture and reduce the risk of remote attacks being successful, with emphasis on human vulnerability factors.

Red Teaming

The red team mimics a real world threat actor. We select a relevant type of attacker along with their tactics, techniques and procedures, based on our unique threat intelligence research and capabilities. Realistic scenarios are constructed and followed. This includes physical security testing, social engineering, 3rd party relationships, hacking, malware insertion, pivoting and human manipulation . Each scenario has a specific stated objective, and the associated attack chain is designed to test your organizations ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks as they unfold.

Firewall Security Testing Services

A firewall is designed to act as a gate keeper between different networks and has long been an important security staple. Our firewall tests look at a number of relevant elements. In order to provide the most detailed, relevant and bespoke service possible, we will first ensure that we understand how your network is architected by speaking with your people, reviewing relevant documents and understanding relevant processes. Then, we assess the configuration of the firewall itself; for example we will check the firmware version, user access controls, logging, etc. Finally, we’ll review the actual firewall rules that govern what traffic can traverse it.

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