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Cybersecurity Roadmap

January 23, 2017/

Where do I go from here? Some prefer to stay technical others want that feeling of advancement in there careers…

In the System Control Room Project Manage and IT Engineer Have Discussion, they're surrounded by Multiple Monitors with Graphics. Big Monitor Shows Interactive Logistics Map.

September 18, 2017/

Veterans are perfect candidates for working in Cybersecurity, the skills and training received in the military prepares them for real-world situations that have real-world effects. Veterans are…

SMTP User Enumeration

December 10, 2017/

SMTP is a service that can be found in most infrastructure penetration tests.This service can help the penetration tester to…

P2PE vs E2EE

July 5, 2020/

I have been encountering a lot of organizations that are confused about the difference between the PCI SSC’s point-to-point encryption (P2PE) certified…

Audit vs Assessment

July 5, 2020/

A lot of people are always calling their PCI assessment an audit.  However, certified public accountants (CPA) would tell them…