The Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

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A Guide to Modern Web Development

Today’s web technologies are evolving at near-light speed, bringing the promise of a seamless Internet ever closer to reality. When users can browse the Web on a three-inch phone screen as easily as on a fifty-inch HDTV, what’s a developer to do?

Peter Gasston’s The Modern Web will guide you through the latest and most important tools of device-agnostic web development, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. His plain-English explanations and practical examples emphasize the techniques, principles, and practices that you can want to easily transcend individual browser quirks and stay relevant as these technologies are up to date.

Learn how to:

  • Plan your content so that it displays fluidly across a couple of devices
  • Design websites to interact with devices the usage of the most up-to-date APIs, including Geolocation, Orientation, and Web Storage
  • Incorporate cross-platform audio and video without the usage of troublesome plug-ins
  • Make images and graphics scalable on high-resolution devices with SVG
  • Use powerful HTML5 elements to design better forms

Turn outdated websites into flexible, user-friendly ones that take full advantage of the unique capabilities of any device or browser. With the help of The Modern Web, you can be capable to navigate the front lines of device-independent development.

From the Writer: Top 5 HTML5 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

1. Geolocation API

Allows you to ask a website visitor for their current geographical location, which can also be vital for certain online products and services.

2. Streams API

Gives you live access to modern, web-connected devices that have cameras and microphones.

3. Battery API

Shows the status of visitors’ device battery levels, letting you prompt them to save data when levels are low.

4. Network Information API

Monitors the network status of a device. If connection strength is low, You’ll be able to postpone downloading large files.

5. Web Storage API

Makes your site accessible even when a user’s device is offline. You’ll be able to hold copies of files locally, removing the need for internet connection.


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