PCI Requirement 1, “Install and Maintain a Firewall Configuration to Protect Cardholder Data” is the first of 12 requirements in the PCI DSS framework. The following areas within Requirement 1 are just a few examples where PCI DSS information security policy and procedures are needed, along with other essential documentation to be in place for merchants and service providers:

•    Verify that there is a formal process for testing and approval of all network connections and changes to firewall and router configurations.
•    Verify that a current network diagram exists and that it documents all connections to cardholder data, including any wireless networks.
•    Verify that firewall and router configuration standards include a description of groups, roles, and responsibilities for logical management of network components.
•    Obtain and examine documentation to verify that the rule sets are reviewed at least every six months.

PCI Information Security Compliance Policies for both SAQ Compliance and Onsite Assessments
Upon looking at these requirements, it becomes evident that organizations will need to develop documented PCI information security policies and procedures for testing and approving network connections.  Organizations will also need to have a current network diagram that is detailed, current, and an accurate description of all system components within the cardholder data environment. Additionally, firewall and router configurations must include a “description” of a number of items, which ultimately means developing documented PCI DSS information security policy material for this requirement also. Thus, save your organization an incredible amount of time by ordering your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Information Security Policy & Procedures Manual today from pcipolicyportal.com.

PCI Information Security Compliance Policies for SAQ A – D, P2PE-HW, and Onsite Assessments
pcipolicyportal.com provides PCI DSS information security policies and procedures specific to the following PCI DSS compliance programs:

•    SAQ A for Merchants
•    SAQ B for Merchants
•    SAQ C for Merchants
•    SAQ C-VT for Merchants
•    SAQ D for Merchants and Service Providers
•    SAQ P2PE-HW for Merchants
•    Onsite Assessments by PCI-QSA for Merchants and Service Providers

Purchase and immediately download your PCI Policies Packet today for SAQ A, B, C, C-VT, D, P2PE-HW, and Level 1 onsite assessments.

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pcipolicyportal.com is the unquestioned industry leader in offering PCI DSS information security policies and procedures specific to each of the varying compliance programs, from Self- Assessment Questionnaires A – P2PE-HW, to onsite assessments by a PCI-QSA.  As for Level 1 onsite assessments by a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA), contact pcipolicyportal.com today. Additionally, learn more about our policy and procedure writing services, the PCI certification process for both the Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ A – D), and the onsite Level 1 assessments and the need for PCI information security compliance policies for compliance.  We also offer policy and procedure writing services, along with a free PCI webinars, so join us!

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